The Nordlicht has a indestructible image at the professional trade. Besides the already mentioned properties the Nordlicht is known for its low noise and very smooth “running”. Moreover the Nordlicht has been equipped - many years ago already - with a rubber wheel, through which the dynamo can run on the tyre as well as on the rim.

New Nordlicht dynamo with unique guarantee

The well known Nordlicht dynamo has been renewed! This very solid dynamo from special steel will from now on be delivered with mass connection, a restyled logo and a total new packing. The unique guarantee, three years full “on sight”-guarantee will remain in force.

New packing
The packing has been developed from “zero” and is therefore up-to-date:
  • an “eurolock” sees to it that the packing can be hung in the shelf. The box can also be placed upright on the shelf
  • a subtle transparent window shows sufficiently of the dynamo
  • the clear corporate identity contributes to the quality image
  • the most important features are mentioned on the side of the box in four languages
  • the important point when mounting the dynamo (an angle of 90° of the dynamo in respect of the tyre) is made clear on the back
Shortly a functional but also attractive packing which will attract attention between all other products.
Technical properties
Material housing Special steel
Connection Separate mass connection
Number of poles Eight
Left or right mounting Both deliverable
Rubber wheel Replaceable: hard wearing, weather resistant compound, 21,5 ø mm. Runs on the rim as well as on the tyre
Steel wheel Replaceable: hard wearing, weather resistant steel, 20,5 ø mm
Noise level Very low noise level
Inside works Double sinterbronze bearings and stainless axle
Output 6V, 3W
Approval Approved by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) in Germany
Voltage limiter Yes
Garantuee 3 years (on-sight!)
Colour Black (epoxy) or chromium
Assortment HQ Nordlicht Max Dynamo
Articlenumber Left or right mounting Rubber or steel wheel Colour
79001 Left Rubber Chroom
79002 Left Rubber Black
79005 Left Steel Chromium
79006 Left Steel Black
79003 Right Rubber Chromium
79004 Right Rubber Black
79007 Right Steel Chromium
79008 Right Steel Black